Best Portable Space Heaters 2023

Last Updated – July 16, 2024

By Simon Moore - HVAC Specialist

After exhaustive evaluation of nearly all portable heaters available on the market, we've deduced that not all heaters provide the same level of warmth and efficiency. We've identified that there are firms selling affordable, yet inefficient heaters.

So, which one should you select in 2023? Our team has procured, tested, and reviewed the most popular heaters available online, focusing on factors such as: heating capability, energy efficiency, safety features, size, ease of use, price, and available discounts.

#1 Space Heater

ALPHAHEAT - $49.99 99.95

  • #1 Expert Choice
  • Heats Rooms In Minutes
  • Adjustable Heating Temperature
  • Reduces Energy Bills up to 30%
  • Digital thermostat
  • AAA* Energy-Efficient.
  • Ultra-Compact & Portable
  • Whisper Quiet Performance
  • Limited time 50% off pricing is still available





AZUKIN - $89.95

  • Fantastic warmth
  • Decent heating speed
  • Easy to use
  • Varied settings
  • Safety features
  • Eco Friendly
  • High price
  • Patchy heat dispersion



Very Good

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  • Waterproof
  • HD video recording
  • Shock proof
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Cheap
  • Poor quality results



Very Good

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  • Ideal for large environments
  • Touch screen display
  • Large yet portable
  • Advanced technology
  • Good build quality
  • Some trace of bad odors
  • Expensive
  • Loud operation




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So, Which Portable Space Heater Should You Buy & Why?


  • #1 Expert Choice
  • Heats Rooms In Minutes
  • Adjustable Heating Temperature
  • Reduces Energy Bills By 30%
  • Digital thermostat
  • AAA* Energy-Efficient.
  • Ultra-Compact & Portable
  • Whisper Quiet Performance



  • Constantly in high demand
  • Frequently Sells Out

Alpha Heat ended up being leagues ahead of all the other portable heaters we tried. It passed every test with flying colors, including the most important one – rapidly heating homes to keep us warm throughout winter

Many of Alpha Heat’s fantastic benefits are due to its advanced new features, which have never been seen in a portable heater of this kind until now. All the other devices out there need to take note – this is the next-gen tech we need for 2023.

Using the latest advances in thermoelectric heating, it uses ceramic convection technology to create a perpetual heat loop that recycles warm air, massively increasing the level at which homes can be heated, while slashing electricity costs in the process. And after extensive testing the results were profound.

Alpha Heat was able to heat homes at almost twice the speed of the next best heater on our list, kicking out serious heat and making rooms toasty warm in just 2-3 minutes. Not only that, it did it by using almost 40% less electricity in the process. We have never before used a heater that provides so much bang for its buck.

Because of proprietary new technology Alpha Heat has implemented, this small device is all able to heat spaces much larger than we imagined it to be capable of, so even those with large bedrooms or living rooms should have no trouble staying warm, regardless of how low the temperature plummets outside.

In addition, we were very impressed by the safety features Alpha Heat have implemented into the device. If the heater gets knocked over, its smart sensors automatically switch off the device and emit an audible warning sound so you can correct it and continue heating. We consider features like this to be essential (and even potentially life-saving), especially if you have pets or small children.

It’s incredibly simple to use with just a one touch operation, and we love it’s sleek stylish design too, which effortlessly blended into our home decor. But what shocked us most out of everything was the price. Considering it beat all the competition on our list (by some distance), we assumed it would be prohibitively expensive. so when we saw just how affordable it is, we were blown away. And considering it comes with a no-risk 30 day money back guarantee, it’s a no brainer.

If you want the most effective portable heater on the market that rapidly heats homes while drastically cutting your winter fuel bills at the same time, Alpha Heat is our number one choice.

To take advantage of their exclusive online discount – order right now from their official website.

Written By: Simon Moore


Charlie is one of our most trusted consumer product reviewers. His background spans over two decades in electrical and HVAC technology. He has a strong history of testing heating, conditioning and air purification systems.

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