Best Bluetooth Speakers 2023

Last Updated – July 16, 2024

By Simon Moore - Audio & Visual Specialist

After a comprehensive evaluation of countless Bluetooth speakers on the market, we've come to understand that not all speakers deliver the same sound quality and durability. We've noticed that some companies offer affordable, but compromised audio performance in their Bluetooth speakers.

So, which one should you pick up in 2023? Our team has procured, tested, and reviewed the most sought-after Bluetooth speakers available online, honing in on factors such as: sound clarity, bass depth, battery life, portability, connectivity range, ease of use, price, and available discounts.


#1 Bluetooth Speaker

WALLA SOUND - $49.99 99.95

  • #1 Expert Choice
  • Premium Sound Quality
  • Hear Clear Vocals & Superior Bass
  • Enjoy Music With 360° Sound
  • Control With Voice Commands
  • Pair Multiple Speakers
  • Connect From Long Range
  • All-Day Battery Life (Single Charge)
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Shockproof
  • IPX5 Waterproof
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Limited time 50% off pricing is still available





MAGNABOOM - $99.99

  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Water Resistant
  • Good Max Volume
  • Comfortable For Long Periods
  • Easily Pairs With Devices
  •  Short Battery Life




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BOSE - $179.95

  • Great Audio Quality
  • Clear Treble
  • Fully Wireless
  • Reasonable Battery Life
  • Well Built And Designed
  • Easily Pairs With Device




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JBL - $79.99

  • Good Audio
  • Heavy Bass
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Stylish But Bulky Design



Very Good

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SONY - $298.99

  • Reasonable Audio Quality
  • Punchy Bass
  • Solid Battery Life
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Rugged Design




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“This crazy level of loud, crisp, high-clarity sound -- packed in a hand-held device -- used to require thousands of dollars of large, specialized equipment.”

Wherever you are, that’s where the party is with this supersonic, feature-filled portable speaker. It’s the last Bluetooth speaker you’ll ever need.

Bluetooth speaker technology has been around for over 20 years now – And the technology has come a long way. In fact, it’s come so far, that as a music lover and tech geek, I could not contain my excitement when I tested this dynamic new speaker for the first time.

It is quite literally the most perfect Bluetooth speaker I have ever heard. Powerful, crystal clear sound, at any volume, absolutely explodes out of it. And to make it even more perfect — for just $29.99 — it has the features and sound quality of a speaker that costs 10x that much.

Anyone ready to enjoy the perfect balance between high-quality and compact convenience with a bluetooth speaker will love the BlueWave Speaker, that offers an ultra-premium sound experience on-the-go.

For starters, the 4-core wrap around speakers are engineered to deliver 360° spatial surround sound, immersing you in sound — being at a live concert – no matter what position it is in.

Small in size, enormous on features

Walla Sound Speakers are precision crafted using advanced acoustic technology to deliver a premium sound experience, without the big brand price tag – making it awesome, yet affordable.

You get a full 360 degrees of Full Range Sound with amazing clarity, and accurate mids and clear highs from precision acoustic stereo drivers.

Having this one speaker gives you endless possibilities. It’s perfect for all living spaces and occasions. Whether you need to play DJ at a House Party or Pool Party, or want premium sound to fill the space around you while camping or at another outdoor activity, it’s always the perfect choice.

And it can keep you singing. along as you move it from the kitchen to the Family Room, to the office or bedroom. Or even in the bathroom or garage.

It is portable and ready to crank out any playlist from your laptop, phone or tablet. Or you can insert a memory Card or SD Card. The stable 1200mAh BT 5.0 chip connects instantly to any device with just one click and zero delays, with no interference and superior stability. And with 100% Hands-Free SMART Voice control, it works with all mobile assistants.

It is completely IPX5 weatherproof, dust-resistant and shockproof, making it the perfect companion for any outdoor function, in any weather conditions.

Light years better than "BrandName" Bluetooth Speakers.

I was genuinely blown away with this acoustic experience, without the “big brand” price tag. And a spokesman for Walla Sound Speakers said, “We let the superior quality of the Walla Sound Speaker do our talking for us. People often focus their attention on the cost of a product, when they should focus on the quality. Because when you eliminate expensive advertising and high marketing costs, it makes a superior product like the BlueWave Speaker very affordable!”

The loads of features on the Walla Sound Speakers are seemingly endless for a $29.99 speaker. It gives you every feature you could ask for:

  • Built IPX5 water and dust resistant design
  • Shockproof with a robust and durable build
  • Built-in woofer to delivery loud, super high bass that is still crystal clear
  • Super heavy, clear Bass from a 30mm precision-crafted metal diaphragm, that delivers powerful bass tones, while keeping the voice clarity crisp, with no jarring
  • USB Rechargeable 1200 mAh battery offers 8 – 10 hours of continuous play time at full volume. Can be charged with a socket, powerbank or a laptop
  • FM Radio Enabled
  • Easy Carry Strap
  • HD Microphone

With all these features, it’s no wonder that music and tech lovers both are amazed at this premium BT speaker, with the perfect combination of function, convenience, style and premium acoustic experience.

And though the manufacture says returns are almost unheard of, every Walla Sound Speakers is backed by a full money back guarantee.

With rave reviews and high ratings, here’s what people say about their Walla Sound Speakers:

“The sound quality is amazing! I’ve dropped it enough times to know that it is very tough! This speaker has been my tunes companion for over a year! I take it everywhere.” – Sam J.

“Hands-down, the best BT speaker anywhere. It connects with just 1 click – and the sound just explodes from it in every direction. And I love that it’s waterproof because it rains a lot where I live. The long battery life rocks, and it’s so light weight! Everything I need.” – John R.

“I’m very pleased with this speaker purchase! I love the bold sound and it connects quickly to all my devices. My old BT speaker only lasted 3 hours – compared to this one at 10 hours — at full blast! I love it!” – Jordan B.

“The sound is stunning, and the battery life is crazy long! I have had this speaker for almost 3 months now – and the clarity, volume and bass are great! And I love that it has over 8 hours of battery, and then charges super fast too!” – Laurie M.

“The 3D surround sound of this little speaker is better than any stereo I have ever had. And even if you put it near a wall, the reflection of the sound is epic!” – William V.

“I can put this speaker on in the kitchen and hear it all though my house like I have an expensive speaker system.” – Rose R.

People are going crazy for this new, fully-immersive BlueWave Speaker, and enjoying a bold, clear music companion no matter where they go.


How to get a Walla Sound Speakers:

The makers of the Walla Sound Speakers are offering a significant, limited-time promotional discount for this advanced, high-powered, portable listening fun. They can do this because they only sell directly to consumers online, and not in stores.

This promotion is for a very limited time only, and regular prices will return once the current inventory runs out. They ship from the U.S., so you’ll get your order fast.

UPDATE* – Ever since the Walla Sound was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, first time buyer 50% discount.

Improve your sonic experience with Walla Sound